The Elder Trees Of Runescape 3

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Cutting elder trees requires no but ninety Woodcutting, at the side of the trees might be wanted out at 10 places round the globe. they provide glorious Woodcutting XP once cut, and their logs could be of fantastic use to fletchers and firemakers of level ninety and higher than. They grow back additional bit by bit than different trees, although, thus you may need to cycle involving many of them to get the best gathering value.


Fletchers of level ninety and higher than will generate elder shieldbows and shortbows level sixty ranged weapons. A shieldbow sight might be hooked up for the elder shieldbow, rising its necessary Ranged and Defence levels to sixty five, and boosting its stats consequently.


The elder shieldbow has stats similar to the previous stats on the dark bow, thus we’ve enhanced the dark bow’s tier to level seventy, and its stats consequently. it is a plenty additional terrible weapon than ever! As a bonus, we’ve additionally side violent dark arrows, that is typically fletched using dark arrowheads  a latest drop from dark beasts with level ninety five Fletching.

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